Chambery Airport Guide

Chambery Airport (CMF) or Chambery Savoie Airport, situated just 5 miles North from Chambery itself, in ‘Le Viviers du Lac’ in the province of Savoie.  The airport is also known as ‘Chambéry Aix-les-Bains Airport’ and in French ‘Aéroport de Chambéry-Savoie’.

Chambery Airport CMFAlthough Chambery Airport is a small International airport, it has seen a large growth in passenger traffic over the past few years. As a result of this growth, it now has over one million people pass through it each year.

This is mainly due to the many low cost airlines that now service the airport, which makes it an attractive low cost destination as a gateway to the Alps.

Chambery Airport now has over 1 million passengers per year and is continuing to grow in popularity.  Another factor that contributes to the growth of passenger traffic is it’s fantastic location and accessibility to the French Alps. The French Alps, are a huge attraction, which play host to activity seekers in both Summer and Winter months.

Although the Alps are a large attraction for many visitors, the regions that surround Chambery, have a vast variety of attractions to offer too. These attractions include spas, lakes, major cities, shops and much more.



Although Chambery Airport is not one of the largest airports in France, there are a good number of flights to Chambéry throughout the year. As we have mentioned previously, throughout the Winter months, the airport sees increased passenger traffic form ski flights.

Can You Fly To Chambery From UK

Due to this increased demand for flights to Chambery in Winter, there are many additional flights from UK airports. The majority of flights from the UK to Chambery in the Winter, are from December to April. These extra flights, are introduced during these months to cover the ski season.

Which Airports In The UK Fly To Chambéry

Below is a list of the airports in the UK that have flights to flights to Chambéry-Savoie Airport. It also lists the airlines and answers te question “who flies to chambery airport from uk>”.

Airport Airline Months
Birmingham Jet2  December – April
Bristol Jet2  December – April
East Midlands  TUI  December – April
Edinburgh  TUI  December – April
Exeter  TUI  December – April
Glasgow TUI  December – April
Leeds Bradford  Jet2 January – April
London City British Airways December – April
London Gatwick  TUI  December – April
London Stansted  Jet2  December – April
Manchester Jet2 and TUI  December – April
Southampton  British Airways December – April

Chambery Airport Transfers

One of the main advantages of Chambery Airport is that it is not situated in a large city, like many other airports.  This makes getting too and from Chambery airport much easier, as you are not fighting against as much traffic.

Transfer Options

When it comes to transfers from Chambery Airport, you have a range of different options in terms of transport. These transfer options include car hire, coach transfer, bus, taxi or private shuttle.  Obviously it is up to you, your budget and personal requirements as to which you for of transfer you choose. Generally, if you have booked through a holiday company and are on a package deal, your transfer will be provided.

Getting To And From Chambery

The airport is ideally located next to the A41, which provides instant access to many major cities such as Lyon and Geneve. Not only does it provide access to major cities but to world class ski resorts of Chamonix, Courchevel and Val d’Isere to name but a few. In fact, Chambery airport, provides a gateway to over 100 ski resorts across the Alps!

Below is a list of the most popular ski resorts close to Chambery Airport. It also lists the transfer times to each resort, as well as the road route.

Resort – Town Distance Transfer Time Route Via
Alpe d’huez 81 Miles (130.2 Kilometers) 1 Hour 49 Minutes A41
Bourg St Maurice 70 Miles (112.8 Kilometers) 1 Hour 19 Minutes N90
Chamonix 90 Miles (144.9 Kilometers) 1 Hour 28 Minutes A40
Courchevel 68 Miles (109.1 Kilometers) 1 Hour 27 Minutes N90
La Plagne 73.3 Miles (118 Kilometers) 1 Hour 32 Minutes N90
Les deux Alpes 83.4 Miles (134.3 Kilometers) 1 Hour 54 Minutes A41 and D1091
Meribel 63.8 Miles (102.7 Kilometers) 1 Hour 19 Minutes A43 and N90
Moutiers 53 Miles (85.2 Kilometers) 55 Minutes A43 and N90
Samoens 76.7 Miles (123.5 Kilometers) 1 Hour 29 Minutes A41
St Martin de Belleville 64.8 Miles (104.3 Kilometers) 1 Hour 17 Minutes A43 and N90
Tignes 88.2 Miles (142 Kilometers) 1 Hour 55 Minutes N90
Val d’isere 89.4 Miles (143.9 Kilometers) 1 Hour 57 Minutes N90
Val Thoren 76 Miles (121.6 Kilometers) 1 Hour 40 Minutes D117


Chambery Airport Car Hire

This is an option that is certainly worth considering, especially if there are a few people traveling in your party.  I say this because through experience, it can sometimes work out much cheaper to hire a car and share the cost, than to all pay individual fares on a coach or for a taxi etc.  The added bonuses being, you have transport for the duration of your stay (always a plus in some ski resorts where transport is necessary to get to the slopes) and you do not have to wait around for other passengers.


Car Rental Companies At Chambery International Airport

There are many car hire companies operating from Chambery airport, making Chambery car hire a very cost effective option for transfer.  Chambery airport is used as a gateway to the Alpes and has a large percentage of it’s passengers, throughout the winter months.

If you are travelling to Chambery and wishing to get to one of the fantastic ski resorts that the region has to offer, it is worth considering car hire. Renting a car is a great option, especially if there are a few people traveling in your party.

SharIng The Cost

As I am sure you will soon discover, coach and taxis to the ski resorts from Chambery, are not cheap! By the time your group has paid individual fares for coach or taxis, it can be just as cheap to hire a car! Especially if you book in advance!

Chambery Airport Car Hire Companies

Many major car rental companies operate from Chambery airport, which means you can book with confidence and piece of mind. All the companies offer competitive prices throughout the year but prices do vary.

Avis – Hertz – Sixt – Enterprise

To help save you time surfing the Internet, we have listed some of the companies, which consistently offer the best prices on car hire.

Obviously, you can surf the Internet yourself but we are sure if you take a look at the companies listed on the following page, you will find a good deal that suits your requirements and budget.

Only you know how much your budget will allow for transfers but it is worth considering car hire, if you are travelling in a group. Simply check out the prices for car hire and compare them with every other option.

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The Beauty of Chambery Car Hire

The beauty of hiring a car from Chambery, is that you have transport for the duration of your holiday. This can be a necessity in some ski resorts and it also eliminates queuing for buses and waiting for other passengers at the airport.  It also allows you the freedom, to set your own schedule and see more of the region in which you are staying.

Added Bonus

It also allows you to be able to visit other ski resorts close by that you maybe would not have thought about skiing, had you not had access to a car.  There are a huge variety of ski resorts accessible from Chambery airport and having a car allows you to take your pick!

The great thing about Chambery airport, is that it is not in the city unlike many other airports, which mean it is relatively easy to access the Autoroutes.  The airport is situated close to the A41 Autoroute and this provides access to major cities and ski resorts.


Trains From Chambery

Does Chambery Airport Have A Train Station

No, there is no direct rail link or train station at the airport. The closest train station to Chambery Airport is Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux station. 

Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux station is located approximately 5.9 miles (9.4 kilometers) Chambery Airport (CMF).

Chambery Airport To Train Station

Getting from Chambery Airport to Chambery train station is relatively simple. By car or taxi, the journey take about 10-15 minutes, while the local bus service, takes around 30 minutes.

Take a look at the times and find the best prices on buses and trains from Chambery:

Chambery Airport Bus

There is a shuttle bus that connects passengers from the airport to Chambery and Chambery train station.  This proves a popular option for passengers in the winter months whom wish to link with the train station and then catch a train to Bourg st Maurice and other stations near ski resorts.

As you can imagine, Chambery is very busy throughout the winter and as a result, provides a very efficient ground service with many coach and bus companies providing regular services to all the main ski resorts.  However, out of the ‘ski season’, the majority of these services are not available and if they are, are not as frequent.

Chambery Geneva Airport Bus

Geneva Airport is located approximately 55 miles (88.5 km) from Chambery Airport. The journey timeby road,  takes about 1 hour. There are several bus companies that provides services between the two airports. Ticket prices cost around 10 euros for a single ticket (at the time of writing).

Taxi From Chambery Airport

Taxis operate from outside the airport terminal. It is always advisable to ask the driver how much the fare will be before getting in the taxi.  A taxi from Chambery airport to Chambery centre is usually around 25 euros (at the time of writing).

Pre-Book your taxi from Chambery Airport

Chambery Airport Arrivals


Hotels Near Chambery Airport

There are no hotels onsite at Chambery Airport, however, there are several hotels located close by. Staying at one of the hotels near the airport in Chambery, is a popular choice with many passengers. If you have an early morning or late night flight, then a stay at a hotel near the airport, may be a wise choice.

Staying at a hotel before or after your flight, can help eliminate the stress and worry and as a result, make your travel more enjoyable!