Villas And Villa Rentals – A Simple Overview

When you mention the word ‘Villa’, in relation with accommodation, people instantly think ‘Expensive’! For some reason, people associate Villas with costing a large amount of money and as a result, dismiss the idea of renting one for their holiday. Yes, there are certainly some Villas that do cost a large amount of money to rent but generally, the majority of Villas that are available are very cost effective, especially if there are a group of people travelling in your party where the cost can be shared.

Villa rental has certainly seen a steady growth over the past few years and there are many reasons why more and more people are now choosing this type of accommodation over the more traditional hotel or apartment.

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Why Choose A Villa Holiday

There are many reasons why Villa holidays are a big attraction for many people and it is understandable why they are so popular. A Villa holiday provides the privacy that you just do not receive in any hotel, regardless of how secluded the hotel may be. Renting a private villa also provide you with the freedom to relax, get up, cook and eat at your own leisure, without being dictated to by the hotels own times and regimes. Villas can provide the home from home feeling, which many people enjoy, especially if they are travelling with families, children or in larger groups.

The beauty of renting a Villa for the duration of your stay in any destination is that all your party can be under one roof, instead of being separated in different rooms throughout a hotel. This provides a better atmosphere, especially if you are planning on cooking together, barbecuing or celebrating a special event during your stay.

Types Of Villas

There are a wide range of villas that are available for rent such as Private Villas, Luxury Villas or Villas in tourist resorts and the price of each individual villa is determined by many factors. Location, size and the time period are major factors in how much a villa will cost and as you can appreciate, a large villa in a prime location and during the peak holiday season will command a premium price. Villas range from modest one bedroom villas through to the more lavish villas that sleep up to 20+ people. Some rental villas have the basic amenities and facilities whilst others have swimming pools, gyms, Jacuzzis, game rooms and more. Obviously, which type of villa you choose will be determined by your own personal needs and requirements.

Villas With Private Pool

Many villas have their own private swimming pool and these villas are a very popular choice with many people, especially families. Having your own private swimming where your children can play safely is a very big plus point with many parents when choosing a villa. Parents feel more relaxed around water when they can clearly see their children playing and keep their eye on their children without any other distractions. Some people just prefer the privacy of having their own pool where they can take a quick dip whenever they like and whatever time of day it may be. Another major advantage of having your own private swimming pool is that there certainly are no issues with overcrowding or trying to get a prime spot by the pool each day!


Eating and socialising with family and friends is part of the holiday experience and plays a very big part for many people on their holidays. When renting a villa, the very fact that you have a choice whether to eat in at your villa or venture out for something to eat is a luxury that many people appreciate. Although dining out and sampling the local cuisine is a fantastic experience and is something that many people search for in their holiday, dining on your own sun terrace or by the pool is something special to cherish and is the perfect way to end any relaxing sun drenched day!

Rental Villas

Rental Villas have grown in popularity over the past few years and renting a Villa can actually work out a cheaper form of accommodation. It not only can work out cheaper but can also provide much nicer accommodation than you would get for the same price were you to stay in a hotel.

The standard of rental villas is generally very high, especially if you rent them through a well renowned and established rental company such as James Villas or Owners Direct. Many of the villas that are for rent are actually peoples own holiday homes which means that the quality is very high because you are renting someone else’s home.

Cost Of A Villa

As we mentioned earlier on this page, the price of villa rentals fluctuates and there are mnany facors that determine the price at any one period. Obviously, the cost of a villa increases during peak times such as holidays and also on its size and location. However, there are some fantastic deals to be found on villas that are not in prime locations, especially if you rent one out of season.

Is It Necessary To Have A Car

Some villas do state that a car is recommended but there are plenty of villas available that are in the centre of the main towns, cities and major tourist resorts that do not require you to have a car. However, car hire can be a very cheap form of transfer to and from the airport and once again, this is especially the case if there are a few people travelling in your party where the cost of car hire can be shared. Some Villa rental companies actually offer car hire in with the package or with the villa and it is worth checking to see if this option is available with the villa to which you are looking at renting.

Choosing Your Villa

The bottom line when it comes to choosing a villa is that it is simply down to personal choice and budget. There are a huge amount of villas available in many different destinations around the world and once you have your chosen destination in mind, you will certainly be able to find a villa in that destination. If you do not have a specific destination in mind, then simply take a look at the villas that are available for rent and let them inspire you! I guarantee, you will not be short of ideas and certainly will not be disappointed.

Villa And Flight Combinations

Villas have become so popular over the past few years that many of the Villa rental companies now offer both villas and flights. Many of the companies now allow you to tailor make your package offering a wide range of villas and flights with many different airlines.

Villa Holidays

Many of the large tour companies have now realised how popular villa holidays have become and now offer their customers Villa holidays. They have a wide selection of villas to choose from around the world in great location. Many people like to book their villa holiday through the travel companies because they do not have to worry about booking it themselves.

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