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The Latest Hotel Deals From Major Companies Worldwide

The internet has certainly made it easier for the independent traveler to become even more independent when booking their accommodation. Hotel deals are everywhere and more and more people are enjoying organising their own hotels in major towns, cities and holiday resorts throughout the world.

Nobody enjoy paying too much for their hotel and we all enjoy finding a good deal and I am sure you are no different. However, this said, nobody actually enjoys surfing the Internet for hours on end looking for them! Having to visit each website individually would take forever and lets face, who has the time or notion to undertake this task. The last thing you need at the end of the day is to spend hours searching the Internet trying to compare hotel prices just to find the best deals.

The Internet is full of websites offering hotel deals and it can be a little frustrating visiting each one individually and constantly having to type in your details over and over again. Searching around for the best deal is always advisable but as I mentioned, it can be a little time consuming and frustrating. Using one of the hotel comparison websites is recommended, simply because they will search a large number of available hotels in seconds and then provide you with the best deals at that time.

Whenever you are travelling, whether it is for leisure or you are visiting a town or city on business, you may need to book a hotel for the night or duration of your stay. Many people use the larger hotel chains in towns and cities as they are easy to find or generally offer good deals. However, these hotel chain also offer extra discounts throughout the year which allow you the customer to book your hotel room for an even cheaper price than the original deal!

Yes, these hotel chains are constantly offering customers larger discounts but when are they and how do you get to hear about them?

Save Even More Money On Your Hotel Deals

There is nothing more frustrating than actually finding a deal, booking it and then discovering that you could have received even more discount had you used a voucher/promotion code or booked through a special link. This frustration happens to a large number of people each year and if it has happened to you, I’m sure you will appreciate how annoying it is knowing someone has paid less than you for the same hotel.

Hotels constantly have special offers and deals running but unless you are made aware of them, sadly you would probably never even hear about them. Obviously, hotels would like you to pay the highest price for your stay and will not readily give you information on offers. The only way you would guarantee hearing about them, would be to register with each and every hotels mailing list or to receive their newsletters.  This in itself would be a nightmare but the other downside of doing this would be that it would result in you receiving hundreds if not thousands of emails into your inbox every week! Nobody in their right mind would want this and it would be very hard and time consuming sifting through the emails to find the deals, codes and special offers. Ironically, by the time you did find one, the deal or offer would probably have expired!

Before Travel offers a FREE service that keeps you in touch with all the latest deals, promotions, offers and codes from a large number of major hotel companies and hotel agents throughout the world.

Using the FREE service will help you find the latest deals that are available from hotels worldwide.

There are a wide range of deals currently available such as discount prices, 2 for 1 offers, FREE nights, Extra reward points, FREE tickets for events, FREE meals and you are sure to find a deal that is an additional bonus to your booking. The beauty of having access to these deals is that they are deals you would probably never have been aware of and it is always nice to save even more money on your booking, wouldn’t you agree?

More and more hotels are offering new deals and as a result, deals are constantly changing. The best way to keep up to date with all the latest hotel deals is to receive our FREE service, which will ensure you never miss a deal!

Why Receive The FREE Service

I can appreciate you may be thinking that you will be bombarded with emails but this is not the case. We receive information everyday from a large number of hotels, hotel booking agents and tour operators. These emails inform us of the latest deals, promotion codes and special offers. We then compile a list of deals and email them to you in one single email. This is not done on a daily basis and is only sent out when we have information that we believe will be of interest and benefit to you. What you then do with this information is your decision but it is a FREE service and if you only use the information once throughout the year and it saves you even more money, then surely that is a good thing, right?

The Latest Hotel Deals From Major Companies Worldwide

Below are is a list of just a few of the hotels you will receive information about throughout the year and any of their latest offers.

Accor Hotels

Cheap O Stay

Choice Hotels

Days Inn





IHG – Inter Continental Hotels

Marriot Hotels




RIU Hotels

Sandals & Beaches



Wynham Hotels Group

If you intend staying in any of the hotels listed above or would just like to hear about their latest deals, offers and discount codes, simply subscribe to our FREE service and ensure you find the best hotels deals in the future!