A Simple Guide To Finding Cheap Flights To Alicante From Gatwick

In this short guide, we take a look at how to find cheap flights to Alicante from Gatwick Airport in the UK.

Cheap Flights To Alicante From GatwickOne of the first things to understand is that flight prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Due to this fact, it means that there is generally no set price for a flight to Alicante from Gatwick Airport.

Prices for flights will vary in prices throughout the year, with different airlines offering flights at different prices.


So what does make these prices vary and what can you do to ensure you find the best prices for the dates you wish to travel?


Factors That Determine The Price For Cheap Flights To Alicante From Gatwick:

There are many different factors that will determine how much you pay for your flight. However, the following are two of the main factors, that will determine the price you pay:

  • Date
  • Time

As you can imagine, travelling at peak times throughout the year will obviously command higher prices. These peak times include school holidays and special events. Avoiding travelling in these peak times, will certainly be the first step in ensuring you find the best prices on flights. Choosing to travel on flights that are considered ‘bad times’, such as early morning and late night flights, can also be another way to find the best deals.

The first flights of the day and last flights at night, are times of the day that many people do not want to fly. These are flights that many deem ‘unsociable’ hours and due to this fact, are generally the cheaper flights. If you are not fussy about the time of day you fly, then you can take advantage of these early morning and late night flights!

To learn more about how to find cheap flights and what factors determine prices, please visit the following page: Tips For Finding Cheap Flights


Finding Cheap Flights From London Gatwick To Alicante Spain:

The dates you wish to travel and also the time you wish to travel can really make a difference. As a result, one of the best ways to ensure you find the best deals and cheapest flights is to be FLEXIBLE! Obviously, not everyone can be flexible with the dates they travel but if you can, you will certainly be able to find cheap flights.

Why Be Flexible Looking For Cheap Flights To Alicante From Gatwick:

As we have mentioned previously on this website, being flexible simply allows you to choose the cheapest flights available. If you are set to specific dates, then you will be forced into paying whatever price is set for those dates. Not only that but you will also be much more limited with flight options.

However, if you are not bothered when you fly, in terms of dates and times, you will have much more choice.


Use Flight Comparison Websites:

There are now a number of airlines that fly to Alicante from Gatwick. This means that if you try visiting each of the airline’s own websites, it can be very time consuming. Using one of the popular flight comparison search facilities, will make your life much easier.

Simply enter the dates you require and the search engines will return and display all the available flights for that date. However, if there are no cheap flights to Alicante from Gatwick on the dates you entered, simply click the next day. This will then display all the flights for the following day. Continue this process until you find the cheapest flight! This is why being flexible, will pay dividends when searching for the cheapest flight from Gatwick to Alicante.


Search Separate One Way Flights At A Time:

If you are wanting a return flight, it can sometimes work out cheaper to fly with different airlines. This means that you would fly to Alicante on one airline such as Ryanair but then fly back to Gatwick on another such as Easyjet.

When entering your search on a comparison site, simply enter a ‘One Way’ search from Gatwick to Alicante. Then, once you have found a flight at a price you are happy with, simply repeat the procedure but enter a ‘One Way’ search from Alicante to Gatwick. You will be surprised at what the difference may be. Also, doing it this way instead of simply entering a return search for two specific dates, will broaden your options in terms of the number of flights to choose from!


Which Airlines Fly To Alicante From Gatwick:

The good news is that there are flights everyday from London Gatwick Airport to Alicante in Spain. Several of the low cost airlines now operate flights to Alicante from Gatwick, as well as major airlines and tour operators. Below you will see a list of airlines that now fly from Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Alicante (ALC.

  • British Airways
  • Easyjet
  • Iberia
  • Ryanair
  • TUI
  • Vueling

Due to the fact that many airlines now fly to Alicante from Gatwick, it means that there are generally cheap deals to be found.


Gatwick To Alicante Departures:

There are a number of flight departures throughout the day from Gatwick to Alicante. Some airlines operate more flights to Alicante than other airlines but you will be able to find a flight, whichever day you wish to travel.


Gatwick To Alicante Flight Time:

The direct flight time from London Gatwick to Alicante in Spain is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Obviously the flight time may vary slightly, depending on weather conditions.



There are now a large number of flights to Alicante from Gatwick Airport throughout the week. To ensure you find the best deals and cheap flights, use a flight comparison website. Several low cost airlines, as well as major airlines now operate flights from Gatwick to Alicante and the flight time is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.


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