Create An Emergency Travel Pack

What Is An Emergency Travel Pack

What To Include In Your Emergency Travel Pack


What Is An Emergency Travel Pack

Whenever you travel you should ensure you have the correct items with you in your travel pack. A good travel pack will contain all of the essential items you will need and also the essentials you may need in an emergency or if an unforeseen event occurring. The key to a good travel pack is to make sure it is lightweight, compact and consists of all the essential items you need. However, as well as all your essential items, you should also ensure that you take an ‘emergency travel pack’ if an unexpected event occurs.

You may already be aware of ‘Emergency Travel Packs’ and you may have seen many that are designed for cars and other forms of travel.

Obviously, what you have in your travel pack will generally be determined by what type of travel you will be undertaking and also which destinations you will be visiting whilst on your travels. Everyone’s travel pack will be personal to their own specific needs but there are certain items you should always consider when creating an emergency travel pack.

This page is designed to help provide you with a few tips and ideas as to what you should have in your own emergency travel pack.

What To Include In Your Emergency Travel Pack

Firstly, you should take into account what type of travel you will be doing, where you are going and where you will be staying. Whether you are going on a camping holiday, travelling through Europe by car, taking a GAP Year or going on a package holiday, you can create a travel pack to suit your travel. Obviously, you will need to try and pack all the essential items that you may need but it is also very important to keep your weight to a minimum, which is why it is always a good idea to think about what your travel pack should contain and then try to pack accordingly.

Here are a few essential items that you should certainly consider first and then if you have room for any other additional items once all the essentials have been packed, then that is a bonus.

First Aid: All travel packs should include a basic First Aid kit. First Aid kits are cheap to buy or you can create your own. Having the basics such as plasters, antiseptic creams (make sure they are under 100mls if carrying it in your hand luggage, to comply with Hand Luggage Restrictions), tablets for diarrhoea and pain killers will ensure you are covered for any minor accidents or illness.

Useful Emergency Numbers: You should always carry the relevant numbers of the Emergency Services for the country you are visiting. Each country has its own designated Emergency Number for Police, Fire and Ambulance and if you are near the sea or in the mountains, you should also ensure you have the number of the Coast Guards and Mountain Rescue. Also, ensure you have the telephone number for the relevant Embassy for your own country and take all the relevant telephone numbers for your Travel Insurance companies, travel companies, airlines and any other booking reference you may need in an emergency.

Travel Adapter: Having a Universal Travel Adapter in your travel pack is a wise move, especially if you are visiting several countries whilst you are travelling. Having a Travel Adapter that also has USB ports will be very beneficial and is a great facility to have just in case!

Torch: Daft as it sounds but having a torch in your travel pack can be a god send. It is one thing that most people never think about packing but wish they had. Whether you are travelling in a car, camping or staying in the most luxurious hotel, there are times when a torch will always be useful. I have been in all the kinds of situations when travelling where having a torch has been vital,simply because of an unforeseen event occurring such as a power cut, a car breaking down or walking home down a badly lit street. Most new mobile phones now have a torch facility but don’t just rely on that (what if your phone battery runs out!)! A head torch is a really good choice!

Travel Towel: A travel towel is a really useful item, especially on of the ‘micro towels’ that are specially designed to be compact and lightweight.

Travel Pillow: Long journeys, waiting around and delays are all part and parcel of travelling and this can be a tiring process. Having a nice comfy travel pillow to rest your head against will make this process much more comfortable. Coach, train, plane and car seats are not the comfiest places to sleep and generally result in your head being in a less than comfortable position. A travel pillow will mean that you can enjoy a quick nap whenever you feel like it and wherever you may be sat!

Toiletries: Having the essential toiletries at hand to freshen up with when you are travelling is a blessing. Simply things such as toothbrush, wipes, deodorant and hand wash will come in very useful if you encounter any delays. If you are flying, always ensure that if you are carrying any liquids in your hand luggage, that they comply with the hand luggage restrictions.

Portable Power Bank: Up until a few years ago, a power bank would not have been on this list and that is simply because they were not available and we didn’t really need one. However, due to modern technology and the amount of electrical items we all seem to travel with these days, having a power bank is a great back up in an emergency.

A power bank allows you to store electrical energy and then use it later to power electrical items such as mobile phones, ipads, laptops and any other item that has a USB port. They are cheap and can be a life saver in times when there is no electrical supply.

Travel Card: Travel cards are a really useful back up if you require money in an emergency. Although we all like to think we will take a sufficient amount of money with us on our travels, there are times when we need more and this could be in the event of losing our money or having to pay for something that we had not budgeted for.

Creating and packing your own personal Emergency Travel Pack can be a life saver if you need it and is a great practice to follow when you travel.