Introduction To Book Online Travel


The Easier Way To Book Online

Where Do I Begin Booking Online Travel

Today, booking a holiday has never been easier.  Gone are the days of having to go into the local travel agent and go through the pains taking task of sitting in the shop
for hours, while the travel agent tries to find you the ideal package.

I am not saying for one minute, that this is not a good way to book a holiday, I appreciate many people do prefer to book their holiday this way but my thought is:

Why pay the middleman?”

If you have access to the Internet, why not do it yourself, from the comfort of your own home and book online!

The internet has made it possible for you to become your own travel agent and just about anyone anywhere can tailor make their ideal holiday.

Book OnlineIndependent travel really has been taken to another level!  Booking your flight, accommodation, car hire, insurance, airport parking and other travel extras can now be done very easily from the comfort of your own home.

There are no stipulations on when you should travel it really is a matter of mixing, matching and shuffling the dates to suit you.  Meaning, you can afford to book every part of your holiday through individual operators i.e. your flight can be with one operator, your accommodation with another and your transfers to and from the airport can be organised by yourself, whether it be hiring a car, by coach, train or taxi.

“When it is cheaper to fly from the UKto Europe than it is to catch a train from Leeds to London, you simply have to make the most of the situation!”

This said, it never ceases to amaze me, just how many people I speak to that do not know where to look, which websites to visit or how to reserve their travel requirements when they want to book online and as a result end up paying top prices for their holiday or travel.

They cannot believe it, when I say I booked a return flight to Milan for 1p each way + taxes, a week in Ibiza for £59 ( flights and accommodation included ) or a week in Gran Canaria for £69 ( flights, transfers and accommodation included ).  Their reaction is:

“How do you do it?”

The answer is very simple, knowing where to look and letting certain factors dictate when and where you go!

The Easier Way To Book Online

This website has been compiled with this in mind and is designed to make the whole process and experience of booking your holiday and other travel arrangements very easy, very cheap and stress FREE.

Even if you have never booked a holiday online before, you’ll soon be grabbing yourself a bargain! If youhave booked online before, you will soon be discovering new ways to save even more money!

I fully appreciate the concerns that people have regarding booking online but if you use the operators that are in this guide, hopefully you should not have any problems.

It couldn’t be any easier.  All you need to do is grab yourself a nice long drink, make yourself comfortable, read through the information on this website and start clicking on
the links provided, it’s that easy!

So Much Choice!

The main problem I used to encounter and I’m sure you can relate to this ( if you have ever tried booking a holiday online ) was the amount of choice.

I would go online thinking it would only take me a few minutes to book a holiday but the reality was, I would be online for hours, if not days. The main reason for this was the overwhelming choice the search engines threw at me. There is literally hundreds of thousands of different links, enticing you to their website. I believe that there are several question people ask themselves when faced with so much choice such as:

  • Where do I you start?
  • Which ones do I click on?
  • Are they reputable companies?
  • Will it be safe to book with them?
  • Which ones offer the best prices?

These are all the questions you are faced with and why it takes so long.  Endlessly trawling through website upon website, trying to remember which had the best prices and then trying to find your way back to the website you had previously visited. Sound familiar?

Once I had found the flights, I then had to go through the same procedure trying to find car hire, accommodation, insurance, airport parking and transfers.

If you have never booked online before, I can appreciate it might seem a little daunting at first but hopefully this guide will make it so much easier for you. Even if you have booked your travel online in the past, I am sure that there will be information throughout this website that you will find beneficial.

I soon found that there were a few websites that consistently produced good results, offering great prices.  Using these same sites, enabled me to reduce the time I spent searching, reduced the stress and always gave me at great tailor made package at a price I was happy with.

Taking this into account, I have reduced the choice dramatically and included some of the websites that I regularly use to find and tailor make these cheap holidays and short breaks.

Yes, there will be some websites and operators that I have missed out that you yourself may be familiar with but this guide is aimed at reducing time and effort but to still produce a cheap package that you are happy with.

The bottom line is this:

Do you spend unnecessary time trawling the Internet just to save a few more pounds?

( Which will help increase the price!  We cover this later )


Do you visit a few websites you can trust and if they provide you with a package you are happy with in a much shorter time, book it?

I think the latter is far more appealing, don’t you?

On that note let us look at finding some bargains when you want to book online!

Where Do I Begin Booking Online Travel

Most people pay way too much for their travel because I believe they go about booking their holiday the wrong way.

They decide where they want to go and on what dates.  They book time off work and once the dates have been confirmed by their employers, they then set about trying to book a
holiday on those specific dates.  They are now committed to those dates and as a result panic buy their holiday.  Thinking, if they don’t get away on the dates
they have booked off work, they won’t have a holiday!

Obviously, if you have a family, I fully appreciate it is very hard for families to organise time off work, school etc but why not try to do it all in reverse?

Here is what I mean.

Wouldn’t it make far more sense to check the availability of flights prior to booking time off work, then when you have found a real bargain, book the time off?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to choose a day of travel when you could get the flights for next to nothing?  ( This might only be just a day or two either side of your original
date but could save you hundreds of pounds!


If you book specific dates off work, you are committed!

Always say you are flexible or if you are typing in dates on the internet, put in 3 – 7 days either side ( if they give you the option).  Don’t let the travel agents know you are tied to specific dates.

Try to avoid travelling at the weekend, it’s the busiest time and the most expensive.

Travel agents will always tell you ‘there are only a few seats left on the flight’ to make you feel there is an urgency to book and also to ensure they get the sale.

Big tour operators guarantee hotels and airlines that they will fill a certain number of places over a period of time and will then be allocated that amount by the hotels and airlines.  If the operator does not meet their target, they can face penalties.  This is why you see so many bargain holidays available a day or two before the day of travel, simply because it is in the tour operators best interest to fill those places even if they sell the holiday off for next to nothing.

What do I require?

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Car hire or transfer
  • Insurance
  • Airport Parking

This is presuming you want to tailor make your holiday.  If you are just wanting to find a bargain package deal please click here for some great links.

My first port of call is always to book the flight first, for obvious reasons.  Finding and booking accommodation in most destinations is always far easier than finding the flight and besides, you don’t want to decide on a destination, book the accommodation for certain dates and then find that there are no flights available for those dates.  I know it sounds obvious but I can assure you, this does happen!

Once you have the flight booked, you can then begin to book your accommodation, car hire and what ever extras you require.