The Best Luxury 5 Star Hotels In Spain


If you are looking for more information about the many different luxury 5 star hotels in Spain, then hopefully this guide will help provide you with the information you require and will help you choose the right hotel for your visit.


What You Will Discover:

We have included a large number of videos that will help you take a closer look at many of the best 5 star hotels throughout Spain and will provide you with more visual overview of what they are like and what facilities they offer.

We have also provided you with a lists of all the 5 star hotels in major cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Malaga, Seville and Valencia.

Also included on the page, is a ‘Hotel Map’, that will provide you with up-to-date information about hotel availability and the best prices for each hotel for the dates you require. Simply enter the town, city, or resort you wish to stay and the dates you require and click ‘Search’ and the map will display the relevant destination and hotel availability.


How Many 5 Star Hotels Are There In Spain

Spain is a very large country with many popular towns, cities and resorts located throughout the country, to which the majority all have 5 star hotels in them or close by. It is very hard to put a specific number on how many 5 star hotels there are, simply because there are over 800 5 star properties in Spain. However, many of these 5 star properties include villas, apartments and holiday homes. Out of the 800 plus 5 star properties in Spain, there are approximately around 450 5 star hotels.

As you can appreciate, the most popular tourist destinations, resorts and cities have the most 5 star hotels, with cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Valencia, being home to many of them.


Different Types Of 5 Star Hotels

With over 450 5 star hotels in Spain to choose from, as you can imagine, there are mnay different types of hotels to choose from. Whatever your preference may be, whether you prefer a large or small hotel, one close to the beach or in the city, one with a spa and swimming, you will not be short on choice.


5 Star Hotels In Spain All Inclusive

Some people like an all-inclusive hotel, whilst other don’t but if you are looking for an ‘All Inclusive’ hotel in Spain, then there are certainly a large number of hotels in Spain that cater for people wanting an All Inclusive stay.

All Inclusive hotels have grown in popularity through the years and if you are travelling with your family and have children, then an all-inclusive 5 star hotel in Spain may be the perfect choice for you. Travel with children, is not cheap, especially when you have to keep buying large numbers of drinks and snacks throughout the day! Not to mention the cost of eating out at night!!

An all-inclusive hotel will allow you and your family to eat and drink whether you chose and at no extra cost. However, it is important to read the hotels ‘Terms and Conditions’, as there may be some drinks that are not included in the ‘all-inclusive’ package and will incur an additional charge.


5 Star Hotels In Spain On The Beach

Without doubt, if you are looking at spending your holiday relaxing by the pool and on the beach, then it goes without saying that a hotel close to the beach is the best choice. If a 5 star hotel in Spain close to the beach is your preferred choice, then you will be pleased to know that there are some amazing hotels for you to choose from. Obviously, it will depend on where you wish to go and your chosen destination in Spain but the many different popular coastal resorts have a number of beautiful 5 star hotels to choose from.


5 Star Hotels In Spain For Families

Spain is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe, with a large number of visitors being families. Due to the large number of families that visit Spain each year, Spain has a large number of 5 star hotels that are designed to accommodate families.

The family orientated hotels, are hotels that you know you can visit and be sure that there are plenty of facilities and entertainment for the whole family. These facilities could be simple things such as adjoining rooms, family rooms, baby friendly rooms and designated swimming pools, children’s clubs and entertainment.

If you are visiting Spain with your family, then a family friendly 5 star hotel, is definitely worth considering and if you can find a family friendly hotel with an all-inclusive package, this may be the perfect choice.


5 Star Hotels In Spain With Swim Up Pools


Well, if you can afford it, why not? It goes without saying that having your own ‘swim up’ pool, that you can just use whenever you want, is a major bonus. Swim up pools or swim up rooms as they are also known, have become very popular with hotels and really do offer guests a unique experience during their stay.

A swim up pool, is simply a private pool that you can access from your room. This means that from your hotel room, you can open the patio doors and walk straight into the swimming pool.

The beauty of a swim up pool, is that you can enjoy all the other luxuries that a five star hotel in Spain has to offer, with the added bonus of enjoying your own little haven of peace and tranquillity. Some 5 star hotels in Spain, offer private ‘swim up’ pools for their guest, which are solely and exclusively for the use of one room. However, there are other hotels that other swim up pools, that are shared several other with other rooms.


5 Star Hotels In Spain With Water Slides

Hotels with water slides have certainly grown in popularity over the past years and as a result, there are now more 5 star hotels in Spain with water slides than ever before. Due to the demand for hotels with water slides, Spain now has some great hotels with water parks.