Hotels Near York Races

York Race Course is a popular venue throughout the year and has a number of different events on its calendar each month. As a result, the many hotels near York race course in North Yorkshire are in high demand during these periods. If you are visiting York when one of these events is on, then it is advisable to pre-book your accommodation well in advance, to ensure you secure the hotel of your choice and at the best price possible.

Hotels Near York Races Visitors to York have a large number of hotels to choose from and if you require a hotel close to York Races itself, there are a wide range of hotels to choose from to suit all requirements and budgets. Obviously, the hotels that are located close to the racecourse in York will be in high demand on race days or when there are other events taking place and may be higher prices than those hotels that are located a little further out from the race course. It is definitely worth shopping around to see which hotels are available, as it might work out much cheaper to book a hotel further away and you may also find you get more for your money.

Hotels Near York Racecourse Tadcaster Road

York Racecourse is located on ‘Tadcaster Road’ in York and when you are searching for hotels closest to the racecourse, if a hotel is located on Tadcaster Road itself, then you can guarantee that it will be within easy reach of York Races. There are a number of hotels that are actually located along Tadcaster Road, as well as many privately run Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

The full address is for York Races is: Tadcaster Road, York YO23 1EX

Getting To York Race Course Hotels On Tadcaster Road

As we previously mentioned, a large number of the hotels next to York races, are located on Tadcaster road. Tadcaster Road runs adjacent to York racecourse, which makes getting to the hotel of your choice very easy by road. If you are driving to your hotel, then you will not have any difficulty navigating your way to your hotel, especially if you use a SatNav and the postcode of your hotel. If you do not have a SatNav, then simply follow the signs to ‘York Racecourse’ and you should not have any trouble finding your hotel.

If you do not wish to stay in one of the hotels next to York Racecourse but would prefer to stay in one of the many hotels in York centre, then that is also a good choice and getting from the city centre of York to the racecourse is easy, especially if you stay in one of the hotels near York Railway Station.

Getting to the racecourse from the centre of York is easy and here are a number of options available to you.


York train station is located approximately 1.4 miles from York Racecourse and getting from the train station in York to the hotels close to York Races, is very easy. You have a number of options in terms of transport and they are taxi, public buses or if you are feeling energetic and do not have a great deal of luggage, you can walk.
If you do choose to take a taxi from York Railway Station to the racecourse, it is always a good idea to check the price before getting in the taxi. Although the journey is under 2 miles, checking the price before entering the taxi, will save you any chance of being overcharged.


There are several bus services that run along Tadcaster Road and past the Racecourse in York at regular intervals throughout the day. The following bus services all run throughout the day and stop within a 5 minute walk of the racecourse itself:
4, 11, 12, 13, 26, 840, 843 & 845 (at the time of writing but it is wise to check before travelling).

York Racecourse Shuttle Buses:

On race days, there are several shuttle buses that run at certain times throughout the day, to help transfer spectators from York train station to York racecourse and then from York Racecourse to York Train Station. The shuttle buses to and from the racecourse, provide a quick and convenient from of transfer and the journey takes approximately just 15 minutes.

Shuttle Buses From York Railway Station To York Racecourse

The shuttle buses depart from the bus stops directly opposite the train station.
Shuttle Buses York Racecourse To York Train Station
The shuttle buses depart from Campleshon Road, which runs adjacent to the entrance of the races.


What Hotels Are Near York Races

The good news is, that there are a wide range of hotels located near York Races, which cater for all requirements and budgets. Whether you wish to stay in a basic B&B guest house or luxury 5 star hotel, you will not be disappointed. The B&B’s near York Racecourse provide a more basic but very good convenient choice for visitors, whilst the 4 and 5 star hotels offer more facilities including spas, gyms and swimming pools.

How Much Are Hotels Near York Races

As you can imagine, just like any other major city, the prices of hotels fluctuate throughout the year, depending on what events are taking place on any specific day. As we mentioned earlier in this article, York races are very popular and hotels near the racecourse are in demand on race days. As you may expect, the price you pay for a hotel at any specific time, is simply determined by supply and demand. It is always better to guarantee and secure your room by booking early!

Below is simple Map facility, that lists all the available hotels near York races for the dates you require. Simply input the dates you require and the map will display all the available hotels close to York races and their current price.


Hotels Near York Racecourse With Swimming Pool and Spa

There are several hotels close to York Races with indoor swimming pools. Many of the larger hotels in the area have spa facilities and also swimming pools, that are available for guests to use during their stay. Having a swimming pool at hand, is certainly a great way to relax after a long day or if you are travelling with children, is an easy way to keep them entertained.