A Simple Guide To Albania


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Where Is Albania

Albania is a small country that is located in Southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula with bordering countries of Macedonia to the East, Greece to the South, Montenegro to the Northwest and Kosovo to the Northeast and Ionian and Adriatic coastlines.


What Is The Airport In Albania

The airport that services Albania is The Tirana International Airport ‘Nënë Tereza’, also known as ‘Rinas International Airport’ and it is located approximately 17klms Northwest of the capital city of Tirana.

Flight Time From UK:

The flight time to Albania from the UK is approximately 2 hrs 50 mins – 3 hrs, depending on which UK airports you depart from.

Popular Resorts and Places To Visit In Albania:

Albania has many popular tourist destinations and the following are some of the most popular.

Tirana – Berat – Gjirokastra – The Albanian Riviera – Saranda – Shkodra – Kruja – Theth – Valbona – The Accursed Mountains – Korca – Durres

Each one of the above has its own unique charm and things to do and see and there are many different trips and excursion available, that allow you to explore Albania even more. Take a look at the most popular handpicked trips, excursions and things to do in Albania:

Hotels Close To Tirana Airport

There are many hotels located close to Tirana Airport and the following list are hotels that are within 3 miles from the airport in Albania.

Best Western Premier Ark Hotel 4-star - Located in front of the airport.

Hotel Jurgen 3-star hotel – Located just 0.1 miles

Hotel Alpet 3-star hotel - 0.1 miles

Hotel Verzaci 3-star hotel - 0.3 miles

Hotel Airport Tirana 4-star - 0.3 miles

Ador Resort 4-star hotel - 0.6 miles

Hotel Vila Aeroport 3-star hotel - 1.3 miles

Hotel Erandi - 2 miles

Britania hotel - 2.9 miles

Facts About Albania

Population: 3 million (Approximately)

Language: Albanian (Shqip)

Currency: Lekë

Capital: Tirana

Time Zone: GMT +1hr

Rail Links:

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Theme Parks:

Water Parks:

Diving In Albania:

Although Albania may not be the first place you would think of for diving, its popularity is growing. Still relatively in-explored, Albania has several dive sites and several wrecks.


Albania certainly has its share of nice beaches and the best can be found along the ‘Albanian Riviera’ is resorts such as Palasa, Dhërmi, Ksamil, Bunec, Himara, Borsh

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Dialling Code: 355

Useful Numbers:

Road Police         126

Ambulance          127

Fire brigade         128

Police    129

Do I Need Vaccinations: NHS Vaccinations

Useful Websites:

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